Case Studies

Case Study – Bridge House.

Over the past 18 months, we’ve worked closely with Bridge House to assess and understand their energy profile and key energy metrics across two points of supply.


After commissioning and analysing the very first dataset, we immediately identified and flagged concerning anomalies on one of their 1000V mini-subs. After further investigation, including visual, thermal and oil analyses, a replacement transformer was ordered, manufactured and installed. This immediately corrected the anomalies we’d detected in the power factor registers and the associated risks of a transformer failure were mitigated.


Whilst compliance and safety are fundamentals we’re not willing to compromise on, our primary focus was improved cost efficiencies. And given the reduction in cost per person (static factor) from a monthly average of more than R3.00 in 2014 to less than R2.00 in 2016, we’ve reduced their total electricity cost by more than 33% despite year-on-year tariff increases. 


Testimonial – Bridge House.

“Letter of recommendation – Flux Energy


In September 2014 Flux Energy started monitoring the electricity usage on our school campus. This followed a detailed proposal of what they could offer us and what returns we could expect from this process.


Each month we have received a very detailed breakdown of where and when electricity is being used and recommendations as to how savings could be affected. The account analysis has also been detailed and has revealed very interesting and valuable information.


During the course of the monitoring a particular anomaly was detected with unexplained after-hours usage of electricity on one of the lines. Thermal imaging photography revealed a fault in one of the transformers which was generating a huge heat loss. This was both dangerous and wasteful. It was costing us money. The transformer was replaced and the installation process was initiated and monitored by Flux Energy. This has resulted in a considerable saving on our electricity bill.


The account analysis over a period of time, has also revealed an area of significant saving through account migration that has resulted in far better tariffs and a large net saving.


Murray Burger has managed all the elements of this process. He has been exceptionally professional and thorough throughout. His meticulous attention to detail and knowledge of the industry has saved us a significant amount of money. Most importantly he is able to communicate highly technical information in layman’s terms. Where possible he has also provided us with alternative solutions to consider. As a result of regular call backs and e-mails he has continuously kept us in the loop as to what has happened and what is to happen next.


I can highly recommend Flux Energy for their thoroughly professional service.


Yours faithfully

R S Malcolm

Deputy Head: Campus & Policy Development”


Testimonial – International Hotel School.

01 September 2016


“I’ve worked closely with Murray Burger over the past seven years and more recently Flux Energy has dealt with a number of our projects ranging from hot water generation improvements and utility cost management to detailed engineering services inspections of our portfolio.


Apart from the significant, proven cost savings at a number of our properties, including those previously under the Three Cities hospitality brand of which I was CEO, we’ve also benefitted from additional insight into our operations through their customised reporting service. Their refreshing, proactive approach ensures we’re up to speed throughout each and every process; from energy and water metering reconciliations, to compliance related works and new developments.


Flux Energy offers professional service coupled with the skills and experience necessary to deliver effective solutions based on honest, sound advice and principals.


It’s been a pleasure working with Flux Energy and I recommend their services to any company seeking energy or engineering advice and services.



Mike Lambert



Testimonial – Ethekwini Cold Stores.

12 September 2016


From the Directors of Ethekwini Cold Stores. Darryl Poisson MD and Yusuf Ismail FD.


“Ethekwini Cold Stores has undertaken major projects since 2011 including a more determined approach to energy management. We were introduced to Murray Burger in 2011 after his services were recommended by an industry associate.


Since 2012 we’ve improved our utility costs significantly. Murray has helped us understand how and when to reduce costs and is always willing to explain the finer details. Projects have included major refrigeration upgrades, lighting, control systems, water management and electrical system upgrades to name a few. The installation of 3 x 575 kVA synchronised diesel generators in 2015 makes ECS one of few cold stores capable of running all systems without any grid power; Flux Energy was responsible for the specification, installation and commissioning. Our early demand management programme even allowed us to reduce the size of a replacement transformer by 20%.


One of the major benefits of engaging Flux Energy stems from their professional backing. Their ability to engineer energy efficient solutions and understand the cost-benefit from the clients’ perspective sets them apart from other energy players where the aim is to sell solutions or products.


Energy management strategies and initiatives are only effective as part of an energy efficient team; a team ECS has implemented and is supporting through a committed top level management structure. It is therefore no surprise improvements are evident and are proving sustainable in the long run.


• From our 2015 baseline we’ve seen an improvement and saving of 24.2% in comparison with performance figures from 2013. We expect this number to increase further given the recent introduction of a new screw compressor for improved baseload management as well as other upgrades, and our ongoing staff awareness campaign.


Ethekwini Cold Stores will maintain focus on our energy profile and continue improving efficiencies.


Flux Energy continues to serve us to the best of their ability and we highly recommend their services to any company looking to manage their energy and environmental impact or as a cost saving exercise.”