1. Understand your requirements: 0

A brief discussion in person or on the phone, to understand your requirements and objectives. We may request basic background information if a prefeasibility study can be undertaken.

2. Proposal: 0

We’ll issue a high-level proposal for your perusal, highlighting key criteria, deliverables and associated costs.

3. Implementation: 0

Following approval, we’ll coordinate any site surveys, inspections or installations with you and any appointed site representatives;

4. Report: 0

Depending on the Flux Energy Service you select, we’ll provide your customised report to designated personnel. Knowledge is power!;

5. Further Development: 0

Once we have sufficient insight into your operations through the data collection, analysis and site inspection processes, we’ll work with you to develop prioritised, feasible, professional solutions. Ultimately ensuring improved efficiencies and lower operating costs.

Given our unique, tailored approach to the energy and engineering services we offer, our client engagement process is specific to the client’s needs.


After discussing and understanding the requirements and objectives, we’ll advise you on the best approach. This may entail a preliminary site inspection or in certain cases the Flux Energy Reporting Service can be initiated immediately.