Clients from the residential, commercial and industrial sectors have approached us for their energy and engineering related needs and our services have been initiated for clients considering everything from electricity cost management and energy efficiency to renewable energy generation project feasibilities.

Below is a basic overview of our Energy and Engineering Services


Given our experience in the energy engineering sector across multiple industries, we’re equipped to offer clients the most appropriate solutions tailored to their needs. Our ability to consider the entire energy-chain including efficiency, measurement and verification, energy management system implementation and renewable energy generation allows clients to make pragmatic decisions based on their ultimate objectives. This, coupled with our engineering skillset, ensures quality solutions are considered at the right time.

With the energy sphere in mind, we advise on and manage projects including:

Energy, Water and Cost Efficiency

  • With a myriad of ‘energy efficient’ technologies on offer, we have the market knowledge and experience to vet potential solutions and to offer unbiased alternatives, ultimately mitigating serious capital procurement and compliance risks;
  • Since we’re efficiency focused, our services are not limited to energy sources (electricity, fuel etc.) specifically and can be extended to include other measurable data points such as water and financials;
  • We understand that reducing operating costs is often the primary objective for engaging an energy services company. Whilst we promote a more objective approach to energy management by considering actual, relevant energy data, our cost management resources are unparalleled. We’ve saved clients millions through cost mitigation strategies in the form of load and tariff management.
  • Apart from direct cost savings, we’ve also assisted clients by adjudicating proposals based on their actual requirements which in some cases (PV, generators, standby power) has saved them from making poor investments based on flawed assumptions and financials.

Monitoring and Targeting (M&T)

  • The Flux Energy Reporting Service is a fundamental building block of our energy management and cost curtailment strategy. Our ability and the tools we use to interrogate and understand data is what makes our service that much more effective. Monitoring is key, but understanding and continually recognising results is the difference between a standalone monitoring system and the Flux Energy Reporting Service;
  • Whilst we’re able to analyse any open source data within reason, Flux Energy can also recommend and implement the most appropriate monitoring systems when required.

Measurement and Verification (M&V)

  • Since our energy skills arsenal includes a CMVP (certified measurement and verification professional), Flux Energy can offer accurate, certified M&V outcomes.
  • Apart from independent M&V, clients can rest assured that their data and subsequent results are analysed under the most appropriate conditions.

Energy Management System Implementation

  • Fortunately, the uptake of international standards presents clients with an opportunity to be recognised for their energy management efforts. As energy management system implementation experts, we’re equipped to guide prospective ISO 50001 candidates through the stringent certification process. The Flux Energy Reporting Service is setup with these medium to long term aspirations in mind.

Renewable Energy Generation

  • The relatively saturated ‘renewable energy’ market in Southern Africa has led to a number of misinformed decisions often based on unqualified, misrepresented proposals; particularly in the commercial and industrial PV (photovoltaic) space.
  • Flux Energy is equipped to adjudicate proposals but more importantly has the inside knowledge to recommend only the most appropriate projects based on real data, life cycle costs and simulated financials.
  • Often the return of an efficiency based project should be assessed before considering a renewable energy generation project.

New Developments

  • Ensuring new-builds are well planned, including the most appropriate designs and technologies.


Our engineering services are often required on account of client’s technical requests when considering their energy projects. Both energy and engineering works require technical know-how and opting for energy solutions without adequate engineering competency is ill-advised. Our background in the mechanical and electrical engineering sectors enables us to appreciate the total scope of works, ensuring clients benefit from a full range of technical solutions.

With the engineering sector in mind, we advise on and manage projects including all of those listed in the ‘energy’ sphere as well as;

Technical inspections, audits and advisory services

Mechanical engineering services

Wet services

Electrical engineering services

As registered professionals, we are bound to report on any compliance or risk related concerns. Flux Energy has the benefit of including these engineering skills as part of our holistic energy and engineering service offering.


We appreciate ‘cost savings’ form the basis for most energy efficiency orientated decisions. But knowledge is power, and the benefits associated with understanding your energy profile shouldn’t be discounted.

If your company values improved operating and cost efficiencies, then the Flux Energy Services are for you.